Taste testing our new Extra Special hampers

Our colleagues are always our greatest advocates, so to celebrate the launch of our Extra Special hampers, we asked for volunteers to taste test the products and tell us what they think.


Lisa and Jo got in touch and we promptly sent them a "Sweet Treats" hamper, full of tasty products that'd satisfy even the most demanding of sweet tooths.


Find out more about our Extra Special hampers here. From £40 to £80 they're the perfect foodie treat sure to spoil your loved ones this Christmas. 

Lisa, Store Design Specialist, Asda House


“I thought so many of the products were delicious – the chocolate Florentines smelled amazing! The Brazil nuts had lots of little crunches of nut throughout which was really tasty, and I loved the sweetness of the peanut brittle.


But for me there were three clear winners. The mint dark chocolate really surprised me. I’m not usually a dark chocolate fan, but this tasted like a premium brand – not too heavy. It’ll definitely be making its way onto my shopping list this Christmas.


At number two were the sticky toffee pudding cookies - so delicious and the recommendation to warm them up was an absolute must.


But my all time favourite was the handmade clotted cream fudge – it melted in your mouth like butter and was just so lovely”.

Jo & family, Aylesbury Supermarket


There were lots of heated discussions in Jo’s house when the family got together to taste test their Extra Special hamper.


Our recent award winning ruby & pearl fruit & nut mix didn’t last long with the family pretty much devouring them straightaway, commenting that they were “awesome”.


The Peruvian dark chocolate also came in as a winner – there’s a theme here with our colleagues overwhelmingly loving chocolate!


But which product was the best? There was quite a bit of debate about that, but the youngest member of the family was in no doubt: “the sticky toffee pudding cookies were my absolute favourite and I wish you all a merry Christmas”.


Can’t say it better than that.

Don't foget to come back on Friday to find out which of our Extra Special products has topped the charts as voted by you!