We've got even more apprenticeship success stories!

A wide variety of our colleagues have started apprenticeships this year, from every level and area of the business, using the courses to develop their skills and further their careers.


Check out the colleague success stories below and visit the Apprenticeships page for more information on how you can get started with an apprenticeship.


And click here if you missed the first story on our apprenticeship successes!

Robyn Bourne - People Skills Trainer- Core Curriculum

Robyn completed the Business Administration Level 3 course, enabling her to change roles.


She says:

“Studying for my apprenticeship exposed me to more than I could have imagined; I have a greater understanding of the business – how I can influence my stakeholders and contribute to our purpose.


The skills and confidence I have gained have allowed me to develop through my function with a promotion and a lateral move. I appreciated the flexibility to pause during my maternity leave and the individual support I received from the trainer when I returned.


I am immensely proud of my achievements. I walk taller and confidently from the knowledge I have gained and the exposure I have had has been invaluable. For anyone who is on the fence around taking the plunge into an Apprenticeship I highly recommend it – I have just finished my second and eagerly waiting to start my third!”

Craig Sahman – Supply Chain Manager – Meal Solutions (Asda House)

Craig completed the Leadership & Management Level 3 and Level 5.


Craig’s continued drive for personal and professional development meant he passed both the Leadership & Management apprenticeships with a distinction (which is the highest possible result), and in the process got promoted to a C10 grade.


Craig says:

“Understanding my strengths and opportunities enabled me to create a robust IDP (Individual Development Plan). After doing the level 3 I got the bug to continuously develop myself both as a person and as a leader within our business. 


As a result, I enrolled for the Level 5 Leadership and management programme. The support given by our partner company Corndel was second to none, the level of knowledge and desire to see each member succeed was inspirational. 


It’s fair to say whilst I have grown in all aspects of my role as a leader, it is worth noting that anyone thinking of becoming a candidate needs to go in to the course with their eyes open. Whilst Asda will support with time in your working week, some work will need to be done in your own time thus enabling you to get the most from the course.


It would be my pleasure to support and mentor any future candidates through the programme as I feel the knowledge and growth gained from the course is second to none.”


Nicola Durkin, Craig’s coach, said:

“Working with Craig on the programme was inspiring and extremely meaningful. Throughout the duration of the course, Craig’s passion, determination and enthusiasm consistently shone through, and I saw Craig develop his existing skillset as well as adding to it, as he challenged himself throughout each of the units.


Craig thrived on sharing his skills, supporting some of his peers also on the same programme, as well as members of his team undertaking the Level 3 Programme, and Craig led by example when prioritising and balancing his professional development activities alongside a challenging year for supply with the pandemic.


A particular focus for Craig was his continued development of his Emotional Intelligence – Craig’s self-awareness deepened over the programme, and Craig linked key learnings and experiences in order to fully focus on his leadership approach and supportive culture within his team and the wider department.”

Laura Dennington - Online Trading Manager (Gateshead)

Laura completed the Retail Manager Level 4 course.


Laura was new to Asda when she started her Level 4 Retail Manager’s Apprenticeship in March 2019, working in the Ashington Store. She completed regular learning sessions with her Regional Trainer to help deliver the knowledge and skills which she applied to her role. Laura continually pushed herself to complete the work set, going above and beyond with her research.


In February 2020 Laura changed stores and was based at the Gateshead Living store.


Laura then moved to Gateshead Superstore in November 2020 to continue her development. She maintained her commitment and determination to the apprenticeship working closely with her Regional Trainer.


Laura's role within Asda changed during her time on the programme. She successfully completed three different roles - George and GM Trader, Store Manager and currently Online Trading Manager while completing the course. These roles helped her knowledge greatly and although she was learning new roles in different stores, she still completed her Apprenticeship work on time.


In February 2021 Laura completed her gateway meeting and proceeded into End Point Assessment. Laura achieved a distinction in all her assessments, showcasing her Retail Manager skills and knowledge at an exceptional level.

Well Done Laura for achieving such an amazing result!


Laura says of her experience:

“I enjoyed completing the Retail Manager Level 4 because I believe education is really important and that it's never too late to learn new things.  Working in a store you constantly learn new technical and job specific skills, but behaviours and transferrable skills tend to develop over time.


Completing an Apprenticeship helped support this development and I am more confident as a Leader because of this.


Because I had such a positive experience completing this Apprenticeship I have now applied to complete the Retail Leadership Fast Track Degree Level 6 which I'm sure will be even more rewarding.”