Stephen goes the extra mile for our customers

Well done Stephen Butler, Delivery Driver at our Dumbarton store, who has been recognised for starting his shift early in the very best interest of his customers. 


Due to weather conditions, there was a landslide which prevented drivers from taking their usual route to deliver to their customers. 


After the store received calls from several customers asking about their deliveries, Stephen took it upon himself to make sure no customers were left disappointed. 


Stephen volunteered to come in early before his shift began and take the alternative route involving a 120-mile round trip, to make sure the customers received their groceries on time. 


General Store manager, Robbie McDonald, praised Stephen saying:


“We were getting lots of calls from customers worrying that they wouldn’t get their deliveries on time due to the landslide and road closures – Stephen volunteered to take the 120 mile round trip to ensure the customers were happy. 


“He really did go above and beyond for our customers – we are very proud of him. “


Stephen commented on his good deed:


“When I woke up that day, I had a quick scroll on Facebook. I follow updates for nearby roads to stay informed of closures and noticed my route for the day was going to be closed.


“I called the store and I told them I was happy to deliver to everyone, even if it meant I had to take the 120mile round trip.


Most of the customers who would have been missing out were my regulars, and I really didn’t want to see them stuck.”