Security Section Leader Steven is Elsie’s guardian angel

A huge well done to Enniskillen Security Section Leader Steven after his heroic actions when an elderly customer collapsed outside the store.


When 87-year-old Elsie fell and banged her head, Steven and his colleagues made sure she was warm and comfortable until the ambulance arrived.


Steven got next to Elsie on the ground, holding her hand, and talking to her until the paramedics came.


“She was in a pretty bad way. I laid on the ground with her, chatting away to her to keep her awake and conscious as she'd banged her head. I was just trying to keep her mind off things.


It was a very emotional time. I looked at her as my own mother and did what I would have done for her if she had fallen. I am just so pleased that she's now recovering, she's a lovely lady.”


Elsie suffered a dislocated shoulder, a cut to her eye, and a bleed on her brain from her fall. She spent three days in hospital afterwards but has now recovered and says she can’t thank Steven enough for his help.


"Steven never let go of my hand. He just kept me talking all the time. At one stage I told him to keep quiet as I wanted to sleep, but he said to me 'but I don't want you to sleep'.


He was wonderful. He was my guardian angel and I will never, ever forget him. I love him so much even though I don't know him that well – though we did get to know each other pretty well that day!”


Well done too to all the colleagues who helped Steven take care of Elsie: front-end manager Ian, security colleague and first aider Darren, colleague Mark, and members of the construction team who were working on the store's recent refit who helped to clear the area and give Elsie some space and privacy.