Sean's left holding the baby

Last month Sean, a security section leader and trained first aider at our Motherwell store, was called to an incident at the self-scan checkouts. A baby had rolled out of their baby seat and onto the marble floor, while their mother was putting shopping through the till.

Sean quickly took charge, comforting the baby and checking for any injuries. Distressed and overwhelmed by the situation, the baby’s mother fainted. Keeping calm, Sean made sure the mother was ok before calling the emergency services, all while still holding the baby!

Mother and baby were both taken to hospital to be checked over. Later that day the baby’s grandmother came into store to personally thank Sean for the help he’d given her family, and to tell him that mother and baby were doing well. Sean’s quick thinking and compassion were also recognised by another customer who sent in a letter praising his actions.

Well done Sean for going above and beyond to help our customers.