Reflecting on the past year

It's been one year since the UK first went into a national lockdown following the outbreak of COVID-19.


You don’t need me to tell you what an incredibly difficult year it’s been for so many people. Most challenging of all during this time, very sadly, we have lost family, friends, loved ones and colleagues to the virus. Many of you and many of our customers will have been directly affected by this and you are all in my thoughts today. 


As an Asda family, you have supported each other brilliantly, and I know that our teams are spending time reflecting and paying their respects in a way that’s personal to them. 


As we take this opportunity to reflect, and to remember, it’s also important that we recognise everything that we’ve achieved together over the past year. I’ve received countless letters from customers throughout the year telling me how grateful they are of the exceptional service they’ve received from Asda colleagues and how much of a lifeline we have been for them in the toughest of times. 


We should be very proud of everything we’ve done to look after each other, and the safety measures we have put in place; proud of our hard work in keeping shelves stocked and stores and deliveries running for customers to get what they needed; and proud of the support we’ve given to our communities and through our charity partners. 


I’m pleased to share with you in the film above a round-up of just some of these achievements and to add my personal heartfelt thanks for everything you’ve done. You should all feel incredibly proud of the part you’ve played. I know that the pandemic is far from over, but as more restrictions start to ease over the coming weeks and months, I hope we can look forward to better times ahead.