Even more of our stores are delivering the Extra Special experience!

Since the beginning of October, our stores have been taking part in the Extra Special incentive, landing activity, finding new opportunities to sell, and really pushing the entire Extra Special range.


With star points up for grabs for the stores with the biggest growth, they've gone above and beyond to chase those sales.


We caught up with Worksop and Cumnock, who are leading the way in their regions, to find out what they're doing that's making such a big difference.


Find out more about the incentive programme here.


GSM Craig Loveday says he decided to push Extra Special early to demonstrate the fantastic quality and exceptional value. Craig and his team ordered additional product and converted space wisely, changing a Chilled end into an Extra Special display and filling every customer facing sideframe on action alley with Extra Special products available on the adjacent aisle.


“The team have had some fantastic customer feedback, some customers have told us that since they have discovered our Extra Special range, they’ve converted from Own Brand products, and even other retailers such as M&S, Sainsburys and Aldi, and now shop with us as a result.

We believe we really can encourage our Worksop customers to trade up to an 'Extra special Christmas' this year!”


Craig’s Top Tip: Get your colleagues engaged. We created hampers in the colleague areas and held sampling sessions in the canteen to show the team what a fantastic range of product they have in stock. We’ll even be continuing the hampers into the 12 Days of Christmas engagement event.
Craig’s Top Pick: The crisp lines, for just £1 per pack the quality is excellent! The Italian cooking sauces taste fantastic and demonstrate a great quality product at an affordable price too.

And we can’t forget the ES wine range – amazing value, especially when combined with the 25% off 6 bottles promotion!



GSM Joanne says the team have been getting behind the incentive by showcasing the great selection of products on feature ends and side stacks around the shop.


Our customers never realised there was such a varied selection of Extra Special products until we pulled them altogether!”


Joanne’s Top Tip: By trying the products ourselves we’ve boosted our knowledge, making it easy to talk to our customers and colleagues about them.
Joanne’s Top Pick: The ready meal range is great, especially the lasagne, macaroni cheese, and garlic bread. Then for dessert, the meringue nests are superb.

Let’s not forget the crisps though, there’s a flavour for everyone, and for £1 you can’t go wrong!