Our stores are delivering an Extra Special experience this Christmas!

Since the beginning of October, our stores have been taking part in the Extra Special incentive, landing activity, finding new opportunities to sell, and really pushing the entire Extra Special range.


With star points up for grabs for the stores with the biggest growth, they've gone above and beyond to chase those sales.


We caught up with Cardiff Bay, Newquay, and Longsight, who are leading the way in their regions, to find out what they're doing that's making such a big difference.

Find out more about the incentive programme here.

Cardiff Bay


GSM Rea Raymond says the key to boosting sales is really pushing the top lines that will really work with your customers, because everyone wants an Extra Special Christmas this year and these products are truly going to ensure every colleague and customer gets that!

“The customers have loved the fact they are seeing Extra Special featured in prominent locations and they are really buying into the brand. When sampling customer feedback has all been positive, and mince pies sampling has gone down a treat!”


Rea’s Top Tip: Feature your key lines in stand-out locations like down action alley and around produce.
Rea’s Top Pick: The Extra Special gin and organic prosecco have been doing really well. The hot chocolate was a hit over Halloween and Bonfire Night, but our top selling line and winner so far is the Medoul Dates!


GSM Richard Shepherd says his team are getting behind the incentive by communicating with each other and their customers and making sure there’s plenty of fun and fizz going on, with each department having its own Extra Special Key Colleague, and sampling and Extra Special dress up days getting everyone involved.


“We’ve seen our range grow in recent weeks, so the key is to highlight it to the customers so they can see there is another option to try. Customers are really enjoying the quality which is nice to hear.”


Richard’s Top Tip: Use the full POS package! The purple really stands out. We have made a point of putting ES bubbles on all our lines, so they really jump out at the customer.
Richard’s Top Pick: I love the Chocolate Florentines with a cup of coffee, and the frozen range is great, in particular the Jumbo King Prawns – what a pickup line for £3 and no date code risk.

A firm colleague favourite is the sharing bag of crisps at £1, although I don’t see much sharing going on!


GSM Leanne Byrne says that by encouraging her Section Leaders to choose their own lines to trade in, everyone’s got on board, and it’s helped to push sales, as well as making her aisles look Extra Special.


“The tasting weekends have really helped push sales. Lots of great feedback from our regular customers who have never previously bought Extra Special lines prior to sampling here.”


Leanne’s Top Tip: Use your discretional space to trade in additional stock of your best-selling lines and really push the Extra Special range.
Leanne’s Top Pick: Everyone loves the Brioche in Longsight, and the Chocolate Cake also goes down well. The Sweet Chilli crisps have been a hit too!