Are you ready for Thursday 7th October 12-1pm? We’re marking Tickled Pink’s 25th anniversary by attempting the Guinness World Record for 'Most videos of people performing the same dance uploaded to Instagram in one hour’. 


Now it’s time to get learning the dance! Check out our official #movesforboobs dance below, choreographed by the brilliant Aston Merrygold and our handy how to guide to teach you the moves.

It’s time to learn the #movesforboobs dance!

What are you waiting for? You can now learn the dance and film your video ready to upload - don't forget to check out the rules here.


Don’t forget, the time to upload will be Thursday 7th October between 12pm and 1pm. With enough successful uploads, we can celebrate Asda Tickled Pink’s 25th anniversary with an official Guinness World Record!