Isla's the Grinch who makes Christmas at our Grangemouth depot

Isla Fairfield might be dressed as the Grinch but instead of stealing Christmas she's working hard to deliver it for our customers in Scotland.


For the past six months Isla has been working at our Grangemouth depot after graduating with a BA (Hons) in Acting for Stage and Screen. It's a change in career she didn't anticipate before the Coronavirus pandemic cancelled Isla's plans to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.


"If somebody had told me at the bells on 1st January that by the end of this year I was going to be driving a pallet truck in an Asda warehouse dressed as the Grinch, I'd have asked them what they were drinking!" she said.


"I went from being at home for 10 weeks finishing my acting degree to working full time in a warehouse. It's been a big change but you have to stay positive.


"Asda is a brilliant company to work for and my boyfriend has now got a job at Asda too in another part of the business. It's a great opportunity to save some money and do something a bit different."


Isla said: "Our acting teachers always told us whatever life experiences we have will make us better actors. This isn't what I imagined myself doing but it's a great opportunity and I'm enjoying it.


"My acting has given me the confidence to work in this environment, which is very different to anything I've done before. It's so busy and very physical and we have to socially distance so you have to be resourceful and problem solve as a team. You really have to work together."


Thank you for making us smile Isla and for all your hard work this year.