Hear Georgina’s story in our month of inclusion

Hi I’m Georgina, a supply analyst in our central team, and I’d like to share my story as part of our month of inclusion. 

I’ve been a carer for my sister for many years, she has a range of wellbeing needs as she lives with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder. This led me to train as a counsellor which has given me the tools to support her on the good and bad days, as well as deal with how it affects our family, and my own anxiety. In the past, the high stress of my situation has caused me to have panic attacks, and I found these are actually more common than you think.

I’m passionate about wellbeing and I’ve been involved in a lot of the wellbeing work we’re doing as a business, including our WalmartOne Wellbeing site – which is full of information, advice and support.

I know a lack of understanding of wellbeing topics mean, many of us still feel we can’t talk about them, as we’re worried what people will think and the stigma attached.  I want to raise awareness that we can all experience different levels of mental health, as well as mental ill-health and talking about it will lessen the fear and encourage more people to do the same and get the support they need.

So throughout this month, you’ll hear more of our very own colleagues’ personal stories on lots of different topics, you can take a look on our inclusion at Asda page on WalmartOne, because it’s only by asking questions and really listening, that we can make sure we all feel proud to be ourselves at Asda.