Check out our sustainable Snax!

We’re really proud to be the first supermarket to launch a 100% recyclable crisp tube. This will cut 98.2 tonnes of non-recyclable packaging each year, the equivalent of 2.34 million tubes of crisps!


Previously made from a mix of foil, metal and cardboard materials, the non-recyclable tube has long been an issue for customers as they have been unable to put it into their recycle bins, however, the new ‘Snax’ packaging means that is no longer the case.


The switch is part of our commitment to reduce own-brand plastic packaging by 15% by 2021.


Own-Brand Packaging Development Manager Fiona Dobson said: "We’re really excited to launch this new packaging as we’ve been continuing to work hard with our supplier to introduce a solution for our crisp tubes that’s easy and simple for our customers to recycle.


"We are passionate about delivering our commitment to use less and recycle more and this move marks the next step in our journey as we strive to deliver a reduction in plastic packaging of 15% by 2021."


And that's not all, we recently announced the removal of plastic forks from our salads and protein bowls, saving an additional 41 tonnes of plastic a year and over 24.5 million plastic forks.


Find out more about how we're working towards a Better Planet on our Creating Change for Better site here.