Community Guidelines

WalmartOne was made for you. You can share your thoughts and stories for other associates to see. Here are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind when contributing to the site.

What to do…

  • Share your thoughts – We want to know what you think. Join the conversations on the site.
  • Stay on topic – If you join a conversation, keep your comments related to the current topic. This helps everyone follow the conversation. 
  • Show respect – We're all aware of the Four Beliefs and the importance of showing respect for the individual. Everyone deserves that same level of respect on the site, too.
  • It's ok to disagree – We don't all see eye to eye on everything.Wouldn't that be boring? If you disagree about something posted, say so. Just remember to do it in a respectful way.
  • Have fun – Enjoy and make this your site. Get involved. Share your thoughts and experiences. Learn what others think and join the conversation.

What not to do…

  • Don't break the law – Don't post anything that involves or promotes illegal activity.
  • Don't be mean – Don't post anything obscene, lewd, discriminatory, or anything intended to harass someone. And don't gossip about other associates.

Still have questions or concerns...

If you're unclear about what's appropriate for the site, refer to the site's Terms of Use and our Social Media Policy.

Community Guidelines